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Angus Beef Hamburger Patties
Angus Beef Hamburger Patties

Our hamburger patties are made exclusively with our high quality, 100% Black Angus ground beef. Ground beef is an approximate 85% Lean blend. An unforgettable and irresistible true American Classic!

Perfect on the grill or stove top, you'll have dinner on the table in no time flat.

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Product Details

1 Package of 1/4 pound Angus Beef Hamburger patties $8.00 -- Contains 4 patties per package.

Four patties in each vacuum sealed package. Hamburger patties arrive frozen

All Heritage Angus Beef is aged at least 14 days to enhance flavor and tenderness

Packaging and Delivery

Heritage Angus Farms hand delivers all orders in the seven county metropolitan Minnesota area. Orders in greater Minnesota are sent via two day express shipping. For more information visit our Shipping Information Page.

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