U.S. Prime - Highest Quality Angus Beef
We only offer choice, premium cuts to our customers.
We are committed to humanely farming animals.
We only offer wholesome beef to our family and yours.
Our calves spend their summers in pastures with their mothers.
In the cold winter months they are fed a mix of nutritious feeds.
You are what you eat also applies to cows.

Heritage Angus Farms

The focus on our farm is our commitment to caring for our cattle and producing safe, wholesome beef for our family and yours. We are committed to creating humane living and growing conditions for our animals. We combine custom nutrition protocols along with advanced health protocols to create a superior product our customers can feel comfortable purchasing.

Our calves are born here on our farm and spend their summer with their mothers out on pastures. After weaning our steers enjoy grass during the summer and in cold months are fed a mix of grass hay, silage and other nutritious feeds.

Only Choice, Premium cuts of Beef or above are considered for sale to our customers.

Beef is graded into either Select, Choice or Prime with the latter being the highest of quality. Graders look at 2 main things: quality grades for tenderness, juiciness and flavor; and yield grades for the amount of usable lean meat on the carcass. There are 3 main grades given to Beef that is considered for consumption (taken from Wikipedia):

You may be asking yourself if this commitment to the Angus breed and meat characteristics actually makes a difference to you the customer but just see what our customers have to say.

Face Book Reviews:

I just wanted to give my compliments about the Prime Rib we ordered for the holidays. The seasoning on there was to die for. It was a huge hit with my family and I wish I had ordered the bigger one for leftovers!

Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to ordering more!

Happy holidays,
John M

I ordered a $200 package, and I'm pretty particular about where I get my beef, and I tell you this is some of the best beef I've had in a long time, the box came with various steaks, and plenty of ground, and the burgers are amazing melt in your mouth flavor, whether it's smash burger, or juicy Lucy style , T-bones , Had super nice marbling,You can basically cut with a butter knife, tender and juicy, no barnyard taste, they were top notch I will definitely be ordering again

Michael Halsey

Really delicious tender meat. The cube steaks were just as good as the T bones in flavor and tenderness. Plan to order more. They deliver to your door. Great communication and everyone should support the family farm!

Misty Menagerie

Omg.. I wanted to try something different other than buying meat at the grocery store.. I'm so glad I did!! You guys are awesome!! I'm an absolute happy camper!! THANK YOU!!

Carrie Cox